Striving for Success in Patient Outcomes

Our CEO, Saqib Akhter, spoke with the Innovators Connection podcast at the AHA Leadership Summit in July 2022 to discuss the success of value-based care models through building high-performing post-acute networks.

In his brief chat, he stressed the importance of helping health systems through practical strategies to reduce acute length of stay, impact patient outcomes post-discharge, and increase reimbursement from payers like Medicare Advantage. Creating an impactful value-based care model for your hospital or health system can be achieved by getting the patients to the right post-acute care setting with the highest performing post-acute providers to ultimately yield the best patient outcome. Using clinical criteria expertise and data-driven technology, PAA helps build scalable workflows and systematically drive patient outcomes. Using analytics and point of care in the workflow to help clinicians like you make the best decisions for the patient, so patients in post-acute facilities can receive the best care for the appropriate length of time, reducing readmission rates. Through management by exception and Anna™, your bandwidth is increased, giving you more time to focus on patient care and complex care coordination.

In a new partnership with the American Hospital Association, PAA is co-launching a new product. The product would help establish more robust and higher-performing post-acute networks by understanding post-acute performance through benchmark comparison against your peers and developing tactical approaches to improve your performance. Targeted care coordination across the continuum of care, starting with the acute discharge coupled with a robust post-acute network, is key to impacting patient outcomes while achieving these goals.

For more information, listen to the Innovators Connection podcast here.

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