PAA Clinical Consulting

Clinical Consulting

Bringing over 30 years of combined UM experience, our transitions of care experts partner with client clinical decision makers to deliver high-quality care management to their patients efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Examining existing processes
  • Detecting inefficiencies
  • Advising on industry best practice solutions
  • Application of CMS Chapter 8 Criteria


5 Reasons Why Clinical Consulting Works

  1. Proven track record of developing and implementing UM industry best practices including customized education and materials that increase adoption.
  2. Knowledge-base of post-acute care barriers and solutions to overcome.
  3. Promote connection between Anna tasks and corresponding workflow efficiencies.
  4. Proactive care management to ensure interdisciplinary alignment and establishing
    consistent expectations.
  5. Education on application of CMS guidelines in decision making so that the patient is
    receiving the right amount of care in the right setting.

Clinical Discovery Process

PAA’s Clinical Consulting team will perform an in-depth discovery of clinical workflows to identify areas for optimization and deliver a customized clinical roadmap which may include:

Harness the power of PAA Clinical Consulting to impact post acute costs and outcomes.

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