Care performance at its best. Now you have an easy method to monitor the performance of post-acute providers as they care for your patients.

Partner Monitor™

Your team is empowered to have data-driven discussions based on analytics and facts that ensure the patient outcome is consistently positive. Hold post-acute network providers accountable for high quality standards and appropriate costs.

This module provides:

  • Post-acute scorecards that detail the quality and cost of each provider.
  • Data based on your patients in real-time.
  • Segment lines reported separately, such as cardiac, orthopedic, neurology, etc.
  • Data broken-down by diagnosis, payer, surgeon, patient, risk profile, etc.
  • Risk adjusted for apples-to-apples comparison

Every Post Acute Analytics solution is powered by Anna™, which gives you these benefits:

Real-Time, Actionable Data

Information at your fingertips: with just a few clicks, your team will easily access data that allows them to flag patient issues and ensure that the patient care plan is being managed appropriately. Should a patient need to be readmitted, you will know about it in real time.

Robust Reporting and Alerts

Ensure your patients are receiving the best care at the appropriate cost outside your walls. You’ll know at the touch of a button if your patients are on track within their continuum of care.

Early Signs, Predict Potential Adverse Outcomes

You want to know before a patient has a poor outcome that they may need attention. Get real time information on high risk triggers that may cause a patient to have a poor health and cost outcome.

Alignment with Existing Workflows

The best solution is one that meets you where you are. Our solutions dovetail into your existing workflow, and there is no duplication of data entry, saving you time and money. Our goal is to reach “go live” within 90 days. Our streamlined implementation process ensures you have access to critical data as soon as possible.

Prevent Out of Network Utilization

Monitor patients through their PAC journey to ensure they were—or understand why they were not—sent to a provider in your preferred network.