We provide total transparency for your patients’ journeys through post-acute care. Ensure your patients receive the best care at an appropriate cost when outside of your walls.

Meet Anna™—the strength behind all of our solutions—bringing to you:


Automated Data Capture—digest structured and unstructured data with No Duplicative Data Entry!

Selective Binding Technology—real-time data that connects you to the continuum of care and integrates with all major acute and post-acute EMRs

Predictive Analytics—identify high-risk patients and predict the best patient care plan based on a library of millions of patient records.

Total Patient Tracker

Patient “off-track” alerts enable real-time care & utilization management.

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Care Pathway Agent

Auto-creates patient care plans over the post-acute continuum.

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Partner Monitor

Hold your post-acute network accountable for high quality, appropriate costs, & in-network participation.

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