Partnering with PAA

Transforming Post Acute Care with AI Driven Solutions

Post Acute Analytics (PAA) is a next generation Post Acute Care (PAC) Management solution for automating post acute prior authorization and concurrent review.

For Clients Focused on...

Reducing Unnecessary PAC Utilization, LOS and Hospital Readmissions

Medical spend savings and increased quality

Improving Utilization Management Efficiency

Clinically informed machine learning and workflow

Fast Tracking Prior Authorizations

Increasing provider and member satisfaction

Partnering with PAA

PAA reduces the administrative burden placed on health plans and health systems while ensuring that their members have a positive experience and improved outcomes. Our clients and partnerships are built on two pillars of success consisting of our ANNA™ technology and clinical expertise.

PAA has Partner Locations throughout the United States
  • Real-time Clinical Data
  • Manage by Exception Workflow
  • At-Risk Patient Alerts
  • Experienced Clinical Consultants
Savings in Medical Spend
$ 0 PMPM
Administrative Savings
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Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes

PAA takes the the administrative burden placed on the provider community and the payors while ensuring the members are having a positive experience and good outcomes.

>4 Million Lives Managed
7,000+ Providers in PAC Network
5x ROI Delivered Consistently
Health Plan Clients - 4 of 6 Largest MA Plans
Provider Clients - 6 of 11 Top Health Systems

Experience the PAA Difference

We offer a licensing option for our Anna™ platform that includes a wide range of PAC management functionalities.

Access the Largest PAC Network in the Nation

Full demographics and clinical details

Fast Track Prior Authorization

Improve turnaround time and reduce UM costs

Reduce PAC Costs

Workflows that drive improved patient outcomes

Harness the power of PAA Partnerships to impact post acute costs and outcomes.
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